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Without A Video Strategy, Public Companies Are Missing Out On The Biggest Reachable Investor Audience Ever

When Done Right Investor Video Will Be Your Most Accountable And Cost Effective Way To Promote Your Company

Picture a conference with 20 million investors who can buy your stock. It runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Would you want an attention grabbing booth there if it cost less than $5,000 a month?

That booth is what having an intelligent, investor relations video strategy is like.

Without one, you’re looking from the outside in the rain while the biggest, most accessible investor party the world has ever seen rages on.


Here's why.

Do you know these video facts?

There are:

  • 2.70 billion active users on YouTube as of 2023

  • 153.14 million users in the US alone, access Youtube monthly.

  • TikTok has 150 million monthly active users in the U.S. On average, people use the app over 1.5 hours each day!

  • Video is the most consumed content format on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook 

Video has distinct advantages:

  • It’s easier to catch and keep attention with video versus reading.

  • Most experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. Video let’s “conviction” and “non verbal” communication shine through. 

  • Some people prefer to read, some people prefer to hear, some prefer to see. Video lets you hit all 3 learning modalities.

  • Video is the path of least resistance for learning new things. Almost everyone today is more likely to watch video versus read.  Youtube gets more “how to” searches than google does.

  • CEOs or IR pros with a video strategy become standout figures, boosting their investor reach tenfold and become hard to replace.

​Finding someone who can make investor focused videos, quickly in a streamlined process has been a struggle for companies I speak with. This is why I created a…

A hassle-free, complete video production & promotion solution for busy CEOs and Investor Relations pros of public companies.

Here’s why you should listen to me. My name is Cory Cleveland. Over the past 15+ years I’ve…

  • Produced over 50,000 minutes of investor related video content. 

  • Recorded 225 hours of my own finance podcast "The Insiders Guide To Finance"

  • Coordinated with paid, earned and social media to reach over 4,000,000 investors.

Olympia Trust Company

Past Clients Include

Saves You Time With Simplicity

Our service uses a decade of honed scripting, editing and distribution process.


This means 2 to 3 hours of your time, gives us the raw video material we need. With that, we can craft a buffet of video content ready to be watched by thousands of investors. All this at a fraction of the cost of doing a conference or doing zoom calls to smaller groups.

With our full package we provide tracking and reporting to back this claim.

Here's How It Works

We follow the same process a good investor relations professional would use to get someone to buy stock. We mirror it and scale it. With our strategy one person can speak to thousands. This is the power of video and digital distribution.


What does that look like? 

We’ve broken it up into 3 simple steps

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Step 1:

Our first job is to get attention. Once you have it, we sell people on your “big idea” or an idea that aligns with investor’s beliefs  to make money and get them believing it’s possible. 

What investors don’t want to hear is that you are a blah, blah, blah company listed on the blah blaah exchange with offices in blah and blah… No! To get their attention, you need to hook them and we engineer this into your video.

We use a specific style of video to do this. We call it a “Creative Return Capture and Convert Video”. 

There are tradeoffs we’ve considered. The higher the production value of the video, the more investors think you’re wasting money. Not enough production value, and investors think you’re sloppy “amateur hour”. 

We focus on the big idea that gets attention, being clear, and connecting the viewer with the speaker.

Where we see most companies fall flat with their video strategy is underestimating how hard it is to get attention.


Many CEOs or IR pros use footage from a “virtual summit” or a “crux” style video. While these can definitely be great, if you saw the viewership stats on some of these “very expensive” programs, your heart would sink.

Our storyboard and editing process is designed to get and keep attention. Production quality is ensured by providing you with good sound equipment, lighting and cameras. 

By the way, if you’re shy or not a great public speaker - my years of interviewing experience can turn this into an advantage for you (ask me how).



Step 2:

Once an investor is “hooked” on the big idea, they enter an inquisitive stage. 

They research, they ask questions. They may look for entry points, ask around and look for validation that this idea is going to make money. You've probably been there yourself.

You want to follow up relentlessly with this investor with relevant video content to build confidence in you. Explain news and catalysts, be up front and explain risks and how you're mitigating them, explain your strategy. 

This requires far less work than the “step 1 video” because you’ve earned their attention. Focus on clarity, relevance and getting to the point quickly and have a call to action. 

These are usually shorter videos and we’ll call these “Conviction Building Videos”

Step 3:

Create a conversation. We create a dedicated “ask a question” form. We’ll use feedback to adjust the pitch if major objections keep coming up and create video answers for common questions. This creates a conversation with the market and grows an email list perfect for using video for.

Our video service has 3 different options.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Do you have a marketing and social team that is asking for video content to promote and you just need something to give them? “Creative Return Capture and Convert Video” is for you. 

Do you want to commit to consistently communicating to your investor audience using video? This package adds on the “Conviction Building” videos.


We handle the recording, scripting and editing of follow up videos to investors. For important news we have a 2 day turn around on video and coordinate its release during news releases. 

Have a long time between news updates? We have dozens of content ideas that can propel your story forward, build trust in management, attract new investors and more. You get — ready to promote videos for all your distribution channels.

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How many people watch your videos and what does it cost? This package includes option 1 and 2  plus we'll grow your distribution channels AND deploy video to them.


Your email list, youtube, remarketing list, linkedin, facebook, instagram and twitter. All require unique video styles, text and still images for each medium. 

Creative Return has a process to turn 1 video into multiple forms of content suitable for each distribution channel. The more interesting the content. The more likes, retweets and algorithmic favoring you get. Post frequently, grow your audience. Includes tactical paid media boosts when needed.

We handle everything and deliver real time reporting on audience growth size, engagement and cost. The larger this audience, the bigger return you’ll get from the time spent making video.

What To Expect From Our Videos

We focus on one style of video - management talking face to camera. This is because selling people on management and building trust is THE hardest job you have. Getting on camera and humanizing management is the best way to build trust next to shaking hands face to face.

If you’re not willing to get on the camera, we are not the right choice for you. Of course, we sprinkle in screenshots, photos and charts to help make things more clear and prove your points.

Turn Around Times

Our follow up video pieces have 2 day turn around times. This is important for critical news when you want the video to go out the same day as market changing news.

We do not outsource our video production to the lowest bidder. You get hands-on service from the Creative Return team. 

Money likes speed. Start today. Interested or need more details? Book a strategy session to determine if our video services fit your needs.

Next Step & Samples Of Our Videos

After you fill out the form below, we’ll send you samples of our work. We’ll give you our video strategy and distribution playbook for reaching thousands of investors at a reasonable cost.

You must look at the samples before we’ll take a call. We follow a strict system that produces results quickly, if we aren’t in alignment on strategy and creative choices this service is not for you. 

We can only take on a small number of clients. There is no obligation to start, we’re here to serve and guide you to a choice that meets your needs.

Get Started Now. Fill Out This Form & Book A 30 Minute Video Strategy Call with Cory

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