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Updated: May 28, 2023

Anthony Milewski, whose ties to Russia and his role as the former CEO of Cobalt 27 are part of a fascinating career. Success can bread envy and false narratives, especially in today’s media. So, naturally, we needed to interview him.

Anthony takes us from his early days growing up in a small town in eastern Washington to the beginnings of his legal and finance career in Russia. It was there that he gained exposure to international mining and energy deals. He’s since led some remarkable deals and now has his eyes set on nickel as the chairman of Conic Metals.



• Anthony’s early career and introduction to mining and minerals. • Why Russia is misrepresented in the West. • How there are mineral deals in Russia but they won’t get funded due to Western misunderstandings. • The surprising similarity in laws around business transactions between Russia and the West. • Putin’s popularity in Russia, contrary to Western perceptions of him. • How Anthony began to explore cobalt due to its use for lithium-ion batteries. • Cobalt 27’s journey from portfolio investment to the company with Anthony as CEO. • The connection between fluctuation in cobalt and the rise and fall of Cobalt 27. • How retail money is ‘stickier’ than other forms of capital which are shorter in duration. • Misrepresentation about Cobalt 27’s rise and fall that occurred through press oversights. • Changes in the capital market structure as they pertain to mining and minerals. • Audiences that executives can reach enabled through digital marketing. • How some third-party digital marketing groups can take advantage of companies • ESG principles and their effects on investments, gender, relations, technology, etc.

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