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Updated: May 28, 2023

The time has come for environmental issues to take the stage; with companies being pressured from all angles to employ sustainable practices and offset their carbon footprints.

Our guest on today’s show is already way ahead of this trend. Anthony Milewski has been financing and building mining and exploration companies for many years. He has also always been passionate about the enviroment and decarbonization. In this episode, Anthony enlightens us about the two carbon markets that exist; the ways that these markets have developed over the years; and how the process of acquiring and extinguishing carbon credits works. The voluntary carbon market is the most interesting market that Anthony has ever seen. After listening to this episode, you’ll likely understand why he feels this way. Anthony’s field of specialty is unusual and fascinating.

We hope the episode stimulates your brains, just like it did ours!



  • Anthony’s professional background and his introduction into natural resource transactions.

  • The main focus of Anthony’s career.

  • Mining plays a bigger role in your life than you probably know.

  • Examples of the commodities trends which Anthony spends a lot of his time analyzing.

  • Anthony unpacks the meaning behind ESG, and why it is finally “having its moment.”

  • An explanation of decarbonization and carbon footprints as a subset of ESG.

  • The two carbon markets in existence; the government regulated one and the voluntary one.

  • How Tesla makes most of its money.

  • Types of projects that companies are doing in order to offset their carbon footprint.

  • Growth and developments in the voluntary carbon market over the past 10 years, after a disastrous start.

  • Anthony runs us through the process of acquiring and extinguishing carbon credits.

  • Pressure that is being put on companies from all different angles to offset their carbon footprints.

  • Growing pains of restarting a global market that we are currently experiencing.

  • A discussion around the impacts of inflation.

  • Ideas about a more environmentally sustainable future.

  • What is happening in the uranium market at the moment, and Anthony’s thoughts about nuclear power.

  • Advice around navigating the markets, from someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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