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Automating Your Investor Marketing Program

Streamlining your efforts with automation tools ensures investor interest is met with an experience that leaves the right impression. Automation frees up your time to focus on higher-value relationships while increasing the effectiveness of your investor marketing program.

I’m Maddie and I work as a Marketing Manager at Creative Return. I’m a young millennial navigating this world of finance and investor marketing. I hope my blogs can help others who are just getting started in their journey through the world of investor relations and digital investor marketing.

There’s only so much we can accomplish in a day which is where automating your investor marketing comes into play.

Cutting back on tedious tasks that don’t help grow your audience or scale your reach can be achieved through automation tools. You are still able to cultivate investor relationships even with automation.

In this post, we’ll be walking you through some of the tools we use for automation. Before you implement these tools, it's helpful if we frame up what marketing automation is.

We define it as applications/tools that are designed to market your brand through the automation of routine tasks. The main goal is to provide a better investor experience while freeing up more time for higher-value tasks and relationship building. By getting out there and engaging with investors instead of working behind a screen, you can increase your opportunities for success.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to what you can automate! Let’s get into a few tools you can use for automation. Remember to take advantage of the free trials and use YouTube tutorials to expedite your understanding of them.

Zapier - An intergration tool

Their slogan is literally “automation that moves you forward.” It connects hundreds of applications that are used almost daily.

For investor marketing, this can be used to connect all your lead sources into a single database of contacts aka a CRM (which you should be using).

From here, when your leads come into a CRM, an automated email sequence will immediately deliver a response to interested investors. This is best executed with a three to five-part drip email sequence that reiterates your story to them over a series of days.

ActiveCampaign - A CRM

We use ActiveCampaign’s CRM tools and email marketing automation. Email automation tools pitch the best bells and whistles, but when you actually use them, they all have their quirks and upgraded features. We’ve been through a bunch from MailChimp to Hubspot and so on… this just seems to be the best fit for investor marketing purposes.

The main use of the CRM is to deliver automated email sequences, send out press releases and most importantly, measure your list engagement.

Data can be pulled from various sources such as landing pages, social media, and signup forms. When using third-party lead generation services, it is very important that they embed your forms for lead capture (or at least tag the source) so you can see who is actually delivering engaged and capable leads.


We use this tool to schedule all social media campaigns for both clients and our own podcast. The marketing calendar is home to projects, ideas, tasks, and social messages. It’s easy to create, schedule, and publish your social media campaigns for investors.

CoSchedule makes social media much more manageable. It’s easy to draft, review/approve, and schedule content so you can batch it and focus on everything else you need to do.

So what should you automate first? What is the goal of your investor marketing strategy? The super nerds have it all figured out, but we suggest starting here. If you’re trying to scale your engagement, consider automating email campaigns – a larger area of marketing. Choosing to automate social media could be the path forward if you are a small team spread across a lot of tasks.

If any of this sounds like Greek or you’re stumped on your automation, reach out, we’d be happy to nerd out and share some advice.

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