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Updated: May 28, 2023

We’re celebrating episode 50!

It was suggested to do an episode where someone interviews me so I reached out to my good friend Mark Raffan, host of a #1 rated podcast, “The Negotiations Ninja”.

Mark asks questions about myself, and finds out what I have taken away from interviewing some very successful people in the world of financing. You’ll hear my perspectives on engaging the market and the need for delivering compelling investor experiences, as well as the reason I started the podcast, and what makes me qualified to talk about investing.

I also speak a bit about my company, Creative Return, and share some memorable moments from the podcast, including the most memorable interview.

“If you communicate with a story and passion, it becomes captivating. That’s something that all humans are attracted to, is who can captivate whose attention? In doing that, you start to win people over” — Cory Cleveland [0:20:56]

We reflect on 50 episodes, lessons from our guests and talk about what lights me up with the how-to properly finance deals and engage investors.

I personally want to thank all the listeners for expressing their appreciation, our guests for sharing their valuable time and experiences, the Olympia Trust Company for backing us and my wife, for her management of the show and never-ending encouragement.



  • Why Cory started the podcast.

  • Cory’s advice for communicating with investors to make it less boring.

  • A bit about Cory’s background and what makes him qualified to talk about investing.

  • Cory explains how Creative Return is different from investor relations and investor marketing.

  • Why Cory’s most memorable guests were able to speak with structure and bring a story.

  • Why the best story Cory has heard was from Peter Lehrman, CEO of Axial.

  • What Cory has learned from his guests, including the importance of humility.

  • What Cory wants his listeners to take away from his journey and this podcast.

  • Mark describes Cory as the public venture capital therapist.

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