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Updated: Jun 5

Bob Hutchins is a digital marketer with a strong interest in the psychological side of marketing. This episode is a deep dive into the marketing space and, as he puts it, “our digital souls.” Bob has several years of experience working as a CMO and Digital Strategist.

The insights Bob shares in today’s episode are useful across the board from a B2B, B2C, and B2I perspective.

“Show human faces as much as possible in your marketing and advertising. It’s proven in study after study that people connect almost immediately to another human face.” — Bob Hutchins [0:17:06]

Human behaviour is what drives sales and thus is the factor that handles the success or failures of a business.

The mathematics of marketing comes into play as we look at tracking adverts, building funnels, and measuring KPIs.

“Good marketing is nothing more than behavioural psychology and math. You have to understand what gets people to engage, to move, to purchase. That’s the psychology. And then you have to analyze, measure, optimize, and scale up. That’s where all the math comes in.” — Bob Hutchins [0:05:50]

We explore concepts such as the human mirror, social proofing, and media theory. Bob shares key pieces of advice on how to build an audience, conversion rates of your marketing messages, and live a more purposeful life.


  • Bob’s interest in behavioural and organizational psychology.

  • The two main elements of a good marketing strategy.

  • Exploring the concept of the human mirror.

  • The power of social proofing.

  • A positive outcome of the pandemic; an increase in tragic optimism.

  • Marketing terminology that Bob has a problem with.

  • Bob provides an explanation of media theory.

  • Issues with the media today.

  • Delving into the mathematical side of digital marketing.

  • The value of email and text marketing.

  • Bob’s advice on how to build an audience.

  • An important lesson that can be learned from the Amazon story.

  • The inspiration behind Bob’s podcast, The Human Voice.

  • A true picture of what success looks like.


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