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Updated: May 28, 2023

Buyers are liars! If there’s a cautionary lesson to keep in mind, it is that… Now, that’s not to say they are all intentionally deceiving you, but they’ll play with their cards close to their chest while pretending to be your best friend.

Brent Holliday joins us to dive into the world of financing and selling technology companies. Brent and his partners focus on selling companies up to $100mm in revenue. They put years of venture capital and advisory experience to work for their clients and we get to hear some of his most valuable lessons.

Brent gives us an excellent look behind the scenes of how companies are sold. He’s tight lipped about the who clients are but that doesn’t matter. It is the knowledge that makes this such a powerful interview.

And If you’ve ever wondered what the value of an advisor is – as in an investment banker or a business broker, listen to this episode. It will give you the fire power to separate a so so advisor from an outstanding advisor who can be your hired gun to sell or finance your business.

I really believe the advice shared in this episode has the power to change an entrepreneurs life by avoiding value destroying traps.

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