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Updated: May 28, 2023

Crypto and blockchain technologies have gone from being the wild west into creating and converting bonafide securities AKA digital assets for companies and investors alike. When you separate the hype around blockchain, we find there is a valuable world of applications for this technology.

Carlos Domingo is the co-founder and CEO of Securitize. He and his team have been applying the power of blockchain to managing private and public securities. They are able to efficiently take investors through the entire servicing of assets – from buying or subscribing to shares, to managing Know Your Client requirements, cross border regulations, and establishing clear transfer of ownership.

“Security tokens are like a native, digital asset representation of a security as opposed to how people have been dealing with securities in the past.” — @carlosdomingo [0:10:01]

Carlos has taken on an industry steeped in complexity and bureaucracy. I think his leadership lessons in tactfully navigating this are great to hear for those facing similar issues in antiquated industries. Second, his company Securitize has the ingredients to become a remarkable success in an industry that is ripe for disruption.

As a former Corporate Venture Capitalist, Carlos speaks to how he’s applying that experience to raising capital for his company now.


KEY POINTS FROM THIS EPISODE: • How Carlos moved from telecommunications to discovering blockchain and founding Securitize. • The crazy period in time of ICOs before a more regulated blockchain industry was formed. • An explanation of blockchain, a way to represent ownership in a distributed ledger. • How security tokens utilize the blockchain to more efficiently and safely manage securities. • Services Securitize offers using the blockchain to administer the purchasing of securities. • The role CDs played in revolutionizing the music industry; how security tokens are like CDs. • How Carlos is overcoming regulations in the private and public securities industries. • The recent acquisition of DTI and how it allowed Securitize access to a license to transact private securities on the secondary market. • Other regulatory obstacles Securitize has faced and how they found ways around them. • Challenges raising capital for Securitize and how Carlos’s past experience has helped. • Tips from Carlos about what corporate VCs are looking for in potential investments. • Final words from Carlos about raising capital, security tokens and liquidity, and whether blockchain is right for your business.

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