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Updated: May 28, 2023

Welcome to a recap of 2020 and an overview of what to look forward to in 2021.

I have been fortunate enough to introduce you to dozens of guests over the past year and, in this episode, I would like to reflect on what we’ve learned in those interviews.

This year has been one for the records. There is also no promise that just flipping a page of the calendar into 2021 is going to make the next year any better. It has been, however, a true test of what we are capable of and an opportunity to demonstrate our resilience and adaptability.

“The overnight successes, they really take five years (or more), so why is it that we put such an emphasis on such a short amount of time and this instant gratification? With almost anything worth doing, it’s going to take a while.” — Cory Cleveland [0:04:21]

Join me today to recap some of the lessons learned, including the importance of sticking to principles, remaining objective, as well as keeping the long-term in mind and leading with good intentions.

To a new perspective and to making the best out of 2021.

Happy New Year!



  • Sticking to our principles and a few ideas on how to do that.

  • Three principles we will take forward into 2021, starting with being as objective as possible.

  • Why we’d all be better off if we listened more and argued less.

  • Think longer-term – the second principle to bring with us into the new year.

  • Almost anything worth doing is going to take a while, which is why we should be building those things upon sound fundamentals.

  • Planning short-term while committing to the long-term is what we learned from one particular guest.

  • Lead with good intentions – the third principle we should practice and maintain.

  • The benefits of being surrounded by like-minded people and the synergy of building others up rather than leveraging them for your own gain.

  • While COVID has disrupted all of our lives, we can choose not to dwell about it.

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