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Updated: May 28, 2023

Craig Golinowski has chosen the path less travelled when it comes to his investment strategy. As President and Managing Partner of Carbon Infrastructure Partners, he believes strongly that there is no one size fits all approach to clean energy, and his mission is to bring carbon capture and storage into the playing field. In today’s episode, Craig explains why carbon-producing energy sources are an inevitable part of our future. He explains how we can deal with these emissions in a way that allows developing countries to develop (and developed countries to continue to grow) without having a detrimental impact on the planet.

“Our view is that we need to look at investing across the carbon lifecycle.” — Craig Golinowski [0:03:25]

You’ll hear about the process and costs involved in carbon capture, the difference between negative emissions and avoided emissions, the dangers of only focusing on renewable energy sources, and what you can likely expect from the emerging carbon capture and storage industry in the coming years. It is in all our interests to work towards a clean energy future, and in order to tackle such a complex problem, we need to open our minds to the spectrum of options we have available.



  • Craig shares the goal of his company, Carbon Infrastructure Partners.

  • Economic elements driving carbon capture and storage.

  • The importance of policy designs around carbon prices.

  • Where the majority of the 40 billion tonnes of annual CO2 emissions come from.

  • How to deal with our energy problem, as the energy demands increase.

  • Three themes that dominate the energy industry.

  • Limitations of wind and solar energy producing systems.

  • Craig explains the process of creating electricity through natural gas or coal.

  • How carbon is captured.

  • The difference between negative and avoided emissions.

  • Costs of carbon capture.

  • Investment potential of carbon infrastructure.

  • Why Craig thinks we need to stop talking about “decarbonization,” and how he thinks carbon infrastructure should be viewed.

  • Where renewables make sense, and where they don’t.

  • Carbon Paradox; what this is, and some examples.

  • The three factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on an energy production method.

  • Problems with the central planning approach to energy.

  • What Clean Firm Energy is.

  • Carbon Infrastructure Partners’ robust deal pipeline.

  • Examples of projects that Carbon Infrastructure Partners is investing in.

  • What the carbon capture and storage industry looks like currently.

  • Craig’s thoughts about the future of the emerging carbon capture and storage industry.

  • The biggest risk to the carbon capture and storage industry.

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