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Updated: May 28, 2023

Dani Hughes at The Insider's Guide to Business
Dani shares her experiences working on Wall Street and how women are making a name for themselves there.

Wall Street veteran Dani Hughes joins us to talk about her experience in the male-dominated finance industry. She is the President of San Blas Securities and co-founder of the female-led Divine Asset Management.

Wall Street has changed from the lavish parties of the 90s to the digital landscape we find ourselves in today. With this change comes a new approach to how to manage investors and your company.

Dani shares her experiences of being a woman in the financial world. She explains why it’s important for women’s voices and perspectives to lead certain conversations.

The perfect company for me is a company that is extremely transparent. — Dani Hughes [0:22:42]

Dani shares her thoughts on choosing an appropriate investment banker, the role of investment bankers as translators, and why it’s critical to have a five-year plan.

We delve into the importance of digital messaging. As well as the ways in which technology has transformed the world of investment banking.

You’ve really got to think about a five-year plan. You have to have a sense of urgency, because that’s the only way you’re going to close your transaction, but you have to [realize] that we’re not in a frothy market anymore.Dani Hughes [0:09:10]

We find out the type of company she considers to be the ideal client and her take on the financial environment in the United States.

Tune in to hear Dani Hughes’ insights and astute pieces of advice for women in the industry.


  • Dani's impressive career on Wall Street.

  • Dani’s advice drawing from her experience in finance.

  • How access to capital has changed over the years.

  • What questions to ask investment bankers when ascertaining who to work with.

  • Why it’s critical to have a five-year plan and think about the after-market.

  • The fine line between building the future and fraud, and how to balance facts and fiction.

  • The importance of educating the market as a business.

  • The role of investment bankers as translators.

  • Why authentic digital messaging is so important.

  • How technology has transformed the world of investment banking.

  • The role of crowdfunding in investment banking.

  • The advantages of procuring institutional investors and how to do so.

  • Dani’s experience as a woman on Wall Street

  • Advice for women entering the industry and for building relationships in the industry.

  • Dani’s take on the current financial environment in the US.

  • Dani’s most memorable experiences working on Wall Street in the 90s.

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