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Being a public company is not easy. Many companies celebrate when they IPO, what they don't realize is how hard the capital markets road will be. Darrell Heaps, Founder and CEO of Q4 Inc. joins us today and shares how the decision to go public to understand the pains of his customers, turned out to be something he was not expecting.

Q4's purpose is to help its clients achieve investor relations goals and build confidence in the capital markets. They partner with public companies to strengthen their brand and share their story.

In this episode, Darrell shares how he founded his business, the journey of raising capital and the pressures that come from dealing with investor money.

“When you take outside money, you have to make sure that you’re able to put that money to work and deliver a return because if you don’t, you’re gambling your business.” — Darrell Heaps [0:12:11]

Finding the right investors that are a good fit for your business can feel overwhelming. Darrell provides advice on how to achieve that, why a mix of different investors can create a premium on a stock, and why raising money for your business isn’t the endgame.

Our conversation shifts to discuss his thoughts on AI and how it can optimize the financial industry.

To wrap up, we talk about board composition. From having advisors to the importance of being transparent with your board – he covers it all. This episode is chock full of valuable insights for CEOs and investors.


  • An introduction to today’s guest, Darrell Heaps, and what inspired him to start Q4.

  • The mission of Q4 and what their focus is.

  • The pressure of dealing with investor money

  • The importance of attracting the right investor at the right time.

  • Why you need to have a mix of different types of investors.

  • Darrell shares his thoughts on AI and how to stand out in the age of AI.

  • How to use AI by asking the correct kinds of questions and the opportunities that creates.

  • Why AI is about efficiency and how to use that to your advantage in finance.

  • How Darrell's leadership style evolved as his company grows.

  • Discussing why Darrell thinks of his business as a sports team.

  • Why raising money for your business isn’t winning.

  • What board composition means to Q4

  • The importance of having a transparent dialogue with your board.


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Please note that the information contained in this interview is not financial advice but for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor and make no warranties or representations concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in this interview. I recommend that any and all investment decisions be made with the advice of accredited investment advisors.


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