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Updated: May 28, 2023

Dean Naugler, VP of Corporate & Shareholder Services at Olympia Trust Company, where he has a very unique view into both public and private companies - especially their shareholder matters.

In this episode, we get into the importance of a great investor experience, succession issues faced by businesses and behind the scenes view of what it is like being one of Canada's Top Employers.

The public capital market is very different from the private capital one, and Dean has a wealth of valuable advice to share for companies who are making the transition from private to public.

“When a company goes public it changes the whole landscape of who they’re dealing with when it comes to their investors.” — Dean Naugler [0:20:25]

Just a week prior to recording this episode, Dean Naugler, Vice President of Corporate &

Shareholder Services at Olympia Trust Company, celebrated his 22 year anniversary with the

company. He did spend a bit of time away from his post, for reasons he explains in this episode, but returned in 2018 to very successfully rebuild the division he now runs.


• How Dean experienced the transition from working for a regional company to a global one

when his division was acquired by Computershare in 2013.

• A description of the specialized field of corporate and shareholder services.

• Personal experience of dealing with a poorly-run shareholder services company.

• Examples of the kind of work that Dean and his team will do for the shareholders whose

records they hold.

• Valuable advice for companies who have recently gone public.

• The foundational values that have contributed to the success of Olympia Trust Company.

• Leadership changes at Olympia Trust Company, and what the future looks like.

• Value of collaborations within the transfer agency industry, and the association that Dean’s

team is a part of.

• How Dean has managed to very successfully resurrect Corporate and Shareholder Services

at Olympia Trust Company during the pandemic.

• Changes that have taken place in the Corporate and Shareholder Services industry over the

past few years, and the future that lies ahead.

• The importance of surrounding yourself with a solid team to stand alongside you on your

corporate journey.

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