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Updated: May 28, 2023

In less than a month, global indices have fallen over 30%, widespread quarantines have been mandated, and we are all wondering what the new normal is going to be.

If you think like Iliya Zogovic, the CEO and co-founder of DBD Partners, you’ll hear that there’s still opportunity to finance and position yourself during these troubling times.

DBD Partners is a lower to mid-market investment bank that provides M&A services, capital formation, debt restructuring, and co-investing. He and his team focus on deals that are between $20 and $80 million dollars in revenue, both on the buy and sell-side of the transaction.

We then speak to what companies should be doing now given the economic turmoil and Iliya stresses that you need to be proactive and take action early. Don’t wait!

We also get into the question of how to approach raising capital, specifically raising debt financing for your company, and Iliya provides some fresh perspectives about the fundamental differences between the way debt investors and equity investors think.



  • Iliya’s background in engineering, finance, and why he got into ultra-marathons.

  • The size of the 10 000 employee-strong merchandising firm that Iliya built before DBD.

  • What DBD Capital does: M&A services, capital formation, debt restructuring, co-investing.

  • Debt-only or debt/equity mix arrangements DBD would recommend after the ‘new normal’.

  • Why companies should refinance now and how long DBD takes to assist accordingly.

  • The danger covenants can bring to debt arrangements and how DBD advises accordingly.

  • Being overly cautious to prevent future harm: avoiding COVID-19 and hasty bankers.

  • Great CEO pitches for debt versus equity: exhibiting total control of, versus passion for, the firm.

  • Advice from Iliya for companies to hold tight due to big opportunities post-COVID-19.

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