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Updated: May 28, 2023

In this episode, we talk about going public!

Delilah Panio, Vice President at the TMX Group joins us to discuss what it means and what it takes to go public. Delilah focuses on educating high potential ventures on the benefits of using the TSX and/or the TSX Venture as an opportunity to raise capital list on a reputable market and potentially uplist to larger markets.

We both agree that most companies aren’t meant to go public. But for those who are, the Canadian Public Venture Capital model is a very real opportunity to raise capital and grow. Being public requires a lot of investment beyond just listing fees. For example, an investor relations program is a priority in competing to attract and retain shareholders. That said, the potential upsides can far outweigh the costs.

To become a publicly listed company, there is a process and best practices to follow. This interview is a big step towards shedding light on another valuable source of capital and growth.

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