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Updated: May 16

Edge Investments is focused on the millennial investor. It is a new age media platform created to educate investors about the world of high growth stocks.

They do investor marketing, helping companies build awareness and generate investor leads. Nick Findler speaks with us about the often misunderstood and untapped wealth of millennials. There is an enormous amount of money held by this demographic. You just have to reach them through different communication channels.

The Edge Investments website is filled with useful and impactful articles. Millennials can take away key messages regarding marketing, technology, natural resources, health, and more.

For investor marketing, there are more and more digital strategies being pitched to public company executives. Nick explains how he thinks CEO’s should measure and monitor the success of their campaigns. Our conversation then dives into some strategies that only digital can provide.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

You can find Nick Findler at:

LinkedIn Edge.Investments Nick@edge.investments


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