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Updated: May 28, 2023

Losing money is always going to be a part of the venture capital game. However, it’s how the money is lost that matters.

Douglas Ellenoff has thirty years of experience as a securities lawyer working with entrepreneurs and major issuers. He has a wealth of knowledge to share which will benefit anyone in the entrepreneurial world. His goal is to help entrepreneurs raise capital in a way that is responsible and protects investors; and everyone should be on-board with this mission. Doug is a firm believer that having more public companies than private ones signals a healthy system and that crowdfunding is a perfectly acceptable mechanism that can be used to get there.

During this conversation, we discuss SPACs in detail, how Canada’s venture capital system compares to the one in the US, and why over-communication is better than its opposite when it comes to dealing with investors. It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur, and it is a huge responsibility to take people’s money. Unfortunately, the majority of start-up’s don’t make it “to the end of the rainbow”, but Doug is certainly doing his best to help as many as possible along their journey.

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  • An overview of what Doug’s legal career.

  • Doug’s involvement in the world of investing.

  • Examples of things that all start-ups can expect to have to do.

  • Prudent advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Learn about what SPACs are, from someone with a lot of experience.

  • Doug’s thoughts on the supposed “SPAC bubble.”

  • Why Doug thinks it is unhealthy to have more private companies than public ones.

  • Some of the rules for going public, and what is not a requirement.

  • How the public venture capital system in Canada works, compared to the one in the US.

  • Doug expresses why he is a firm believer in crowdfunding.

  • Over-communicating with investors is better than under-communicating.

  • Losing money is part of the venture capital game, it’s how the money is lost that matters.

  • A tip that will help you to avoid being sued.

  • What is involved in the process of going public.

  • Finding a balance between being loud, proud and honorable, is key, and lawyers can help with this.

  • The experience that Doug has generally had with regulators.

  • Legal-tech companies that Doug has conceptualized.

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