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Updated: May 28

From politics to angel investing, Randy Thompson has blazed a colorful path. His many years in early stage finance earned him the 2018 Angel Investor Of The Year Award by the National Angel Capital Organization.

What I like about this interview is that Randy tells it as it is… Our discussion meanders, but it is an entertaining look at early stage financing. For example, Randy speaks from experience that it is not usually the investors that suck, it’s likely your deal that sucks. So why is that?

We dig in to how entrepreneurs can and need to be competitive when compared to other deals on an international stage. You’ll also hear about how he approaches building investable deals. This preparation is a crucial factor in setting yourself up for long term success.

We didn’t get deep into the academic quant talk, but Randy has provided access to some of the materials he’s created for helping value your deal, calculate dilution and position yourself to be a hot candidate for investor dollars… That info is available in the show notes.

If anyone is offended by a few four letter words, perhaps pass on this one. Otherwise, enjoy the show!

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