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Updated: May 28, 2023

Ebel Kemeling is the Managing Director of ESG and Responsible Investing at MJ Hudson. Ebel advises fund managers and companies on how to establish, execute and measure long-term Environmental, Social and Governance programs – or ESG.

Before meeting Ebel, a mutual connection at his firm, described Ebel as a pioneer – the kind of leader who “was doing ESG work before it was cool”. Call it whatever you like, but ESG has become a hot topic for fund managers and the companies seeking their investment. The amount of capital now seeking sustainable growth through sustainable investments is staggering and that means ESG has grown beyond just being a thematic niche for some private equity managers.

As we discuss, having an ESG program in your company can become a very valuable long-term advantage for not only attracting capital, but also attracting top talent, de-risking the business and also doing better for the planet.

For any management team interested in developing or fortifying their ESG programs, I highly encourage you to listen to Ebel’s guidance. He makes the point that ESG can reduce the cost of capital for the company as you’re leading by example. In Ebel’s terms, ‘You pay for the behavior’ and the market will reward those who are behaving better than the rest.

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