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Updated: May 28, 2023

Chris Smith is a founding partner of Investing News Network (INN), an investor media company that publishes educational content about public companies and the industries they compete in.

Readers come to INN to gain insights and educate themselves on a range of industries while also having an opportunity to connect with public companies and invest.

They provide a valuable service, both for their investor audience and their clients, being public companies. But this drives a conflict of interest.

This inherent tension is something Chris is cognizant of which is why producing independent content is so important to the mission of INN. Through not pandering to companies and remaining objective, INN maintains its integrity while helping pubco’s credibly reach new potential investors.

There is lots to be learned here.



  • Chris gives an overview of the work that Investing News Network does.

  • How INN avoids falling into the trap of producing promotional material.

  • What CEOs can do to measure the effectiveness of service providers like INN.

  • Learn what it takes to run a good investor relations marketing campaign.

  • Chris’s advice for investor relation teams who want to measure campaign efficacy.

  • Some of the ways that INN has managed to set themselves apart in a noisy landscape.

  • The current state of journalism makes it difficult to find the ‘truth.’

  • The mechanisms that INN use to ensure high journalistic integrity.

  • What an engagement with INN would look like and some features they use in their packages.

  • The biggest misses and hits that Chris sees in investor relations.

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