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Updated: May 28, 2023

Gary brings some 40+ years of business experience to this interview. You’re going to hear about a lot of things, from his early days as an analyst on Wall Street to founding, listing and selling publico’s and on to his board participation with some well known companies.

Another passion of Gary’s is business history and that’s what compelled me to reach out. Gary is a prolific reader and historian. He has a collection of over 57,000 books and recites facts and figures with ease.

He is now leading the American Business History Center. I highly recommend taking some time to visit his site. You can delve into the history of some of the greatest companies which have defined business and culture as we know it. My personal favourite is the story of Fred Smith, founder and CEO of FEDEX.

For me, researching and interviewing Gary opened my eyes and reignited my interest in the history of companies that have come and gone. This is a great opportunity to hear the perspectives of a man who has lead companies through thick and thin. I am sure you’ll enjoy.

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