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Charles Plant is a former founder, VC, banker and now a PhD candidate in economics. A key focus for him is the Narwhal Project – or the study of Canadian Unicorns (aka Narwhals) as defined by a billion-dollar plus valuation and world-class status. The question of what it takes to build a billion-dollar organization has led Charles to research and publish numerous studies on his findings. What we get in this episode is a glimpse into the algorithms of growth… in other words, the capital it takes and the areas you need to spend to achieve the growth targets that result in a billion-dollar plus valuation. We meander a bit in our discussion, but there were numerous times light bulbs went off in my head… I left this episode thinking – man, I wish I knew that many years ago. Now, even if you’re not in the game of building a billion-dollar VC backed company, the insights Charles shares with us are game-changing. This discussion will be illuminating for anyone thinking they may want to pitch a VC and it will open your eyes to their expectations and other avenues to finance growth. I highly encourage you to take notes in this one and also to visit his work at the Website – LinkedIn – The Path to IPO – Narwhal List 2019 – Canada’s-VC-Puzzle –

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