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Updated: May 28

The vast majority of mergers and acquisitions don’t work out well. Jon Ouellette, a lifelong entrepreneur and our guest on today’s show; has insights as to why this is the case. He also explains what CEOs need to be aware of in combining companies through M&A. He should know as he combined 35 companies into one before being successfully sold to an international buyer.

It all comes down to people. Human performance is what creates value; and if the people who work for you aren’t aligned with your vision for the company, there is a high chance that your company is going to fail. Jon explains the essential elements which can transform a company culture, and how this translates into measurable results. Often, as in this case, the simplest strategies are the most effective; every company Jon and his team have worked with has seen massive improvements through working with them. The first step: Just listen!



  • Hear about Jon’s diverse professional career.

  • Jon shares the story about the job that led him to Calgary.

  • Lessons Jon learned from acquiring companies.

  • Advice about getting insurance, from someone who has worked behind the corporate veil.

  • Why the majority of mergers and acquisitions don’t work out well.

  • How Jon transformed a company in the space of two years.

  • A definition of culture, and how a company can assess if they are getting it right.

  • The immense value in the seemingly simple act of listening.

  • Law One from The Three Laws of Performance.

  • Examples of companies that focus on what is important to their people.

  • Why Jon always aims for a win-win situation when it comes to buying and selling companies.

  • Always be prepared to walk away from a deal.

  • Elements that are essential to look at before buying a company.

  • Advice for leaders who want to create a healthy company culture.

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