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Updated: May 28, 2023

Kim Furlong is the CEO of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. Venture capital and private equity are powerful components of our economy but often misunderstood and arguably over-regulated. The industry can also be heavily impacted by the policies of the government.

Kim and her team are ‘lobbyists’ in the most honourable way of working to ensure entrepreneurs can be supported by thriving in the venture capital and private equity industry. After all, it is this private investment that fuels our country’s innovation and global competitiveness.

“The CVCA exists to be the voice of the sector. We represent private capital from early-stage C ventures to buyouts, to late-stage funding in the private equity space.” —Kim Furlong [0:04:54]

The pandemic has created a challenging financial hurdle. Its behaviour and characteristics are in constant flux, and risk and uncertainty are ever-present. Yet, there is plenty to look forward to. Despite the ramifications of Covid-19, venture capital is one of the most exciting sectors to be in.

A piece of research published by the CVCA shows that the Canadian economy is already heading in the right direction, and is expected to continue in this fashion.

We open the show by taking a glimpse at Kim’s professional history and how she came to be the first female CEO of CVCA. We then talk about why the CVCA exists and dive into its role acting as a voice to encourage a favourable environment for investment.

“The many different experiences I have had in my career gave me different tools that I needed to take on this role and lead this team at CVCA.” —Kim Furlong [0:04:04]

After hearing about their advocacy and mission to connect people and create opportunities, Kim talks about a reimagined, post-coronavirus future.

“Last year we went from $1.3 billion to $6.2 billion invested in venture.” —Kim Furlong [0:09:36]

She shares insightful research published by CVCA and exhibits the exciting trajectory of Canada’s economy from a venture and equity perspective. Stay tuned and you’ll also hear why the CVCA has been so beneficial to entrepreneurs and how they continue to be a pillar of entrepreneurial support.

We close the show by taking a brief look at Kim’s thoughts on cybersecurity and why cyber threats are inevitable.



  • Introducing today’s guest, CVCA CEO Kim Furlong.

  • Kim gives a snapshot of her professional history.

  • Hear how Kim’s past experience gave her the tools to build success.

  • Kim tells us why the CVCA exists and the important work they do.

  • How CVCA will reimagine their way of business post COVID-19.

  • The CVCA’s role in Canada and what they do for entrepreneurs.

  • Kim talks about some of the insights the CVCA is publishing at the moment.

  • We hear about what there is to look forward to in the near future.

  • The ways entrepreneurs can leverage the work done by the CVCA.

  • Some of the issues the CVCA is currently facing.

  • The contrast between the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Kim’s thoughts on cybersecurity and its rapid evolution.

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