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Updated: May 28, 2023

The process of raising capital often disregards the best practices of marketing. Rather than leaning on tried and tested marketing tactics, typical fundraising attempts rely on ineffective techniques that make it difficult for companies or investment funds to stand out from the pack.

Kyle Dunn, CEO of Meyler Capital, sheds light on the importance of building a brand when raising capital and the requirement to take ‘marketing risk’ in doing so.

Meyler Capital helps fund managers raise capital for their investment funds. He makes the point that great marketing is about building loyalty and brand integrity, which means that raising capital should not start with asking investors for money. Kyle also highlights that raising capital requires differentiation. It is far less about gaining legitimacy in the initial contacts with investors and more about competing for their time.

Kyle and Meyler Capital are not reinventing the wheel. They are taking principles that work and applying them to an industry that has long resisted, and the results are truly outstanding. We love what they are doing, and we know you will too.



  • Learn more about Kyle’s background, when he founded Meyler and the work they do.

  • Why only focusing on performance in fund management isn’t an effective marketing strategy.

  • Some of the strategies that Meyler uses to help their clients stand out when raising capital.

  • Find out why raising capital is not about competing for money but rather for time.

  • Kyle’s advice for public companies looking to raise capital: Go back to marketing basics.

  • Why it is important to differentiate between third-party marketers and marketers.

  • Insights into the Meyler sales funnel from building an audience to closing the deal.

  • Out with the old in with the new: Why building an audience is the new marketing cold call.

  • The marketing tools Meyler uses, an overview of how they work and the data they provide.

  • How Meyler’s new ideas land when they are presented to GPs and how they move forward.

  • Finding investors is not a challenge — connecting with them is.

  • The importance of correctly sequencing your unique value proposition quickly.

  • Find out how Meyler helps their clients to ‘build their story,’ and what companies learn from it.

  • Insights into marketing risk and the results that Meyler has generally seen from their risks.

  • Why it’s vital for fund management firms to target investors who resonate with their message.

  • How Meyler utilizes their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to engage with their audience.

  • The power of consistency: Marketing is never going to be a quick-fix, once-off solution.

  • What Meyler does to create good content and how they maintain a consistent level.

  • Some of the learning resources to use for self-education in the marketing space.

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