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Updated: May 28, 2023

Lukas Lundin, head of the Lundin Group, has grown his group of resource companies into a combined market cap of over $20 billion dollars.

Lukas has created billions in value for his shareholders, but his perspectives and advice are applicable to anyone looking for growth in business.

He has succeeded where others have failed and even at times been the only investor in his early-stage projects. This has led to some huge returns. Among many accolades, Lukas Lundin was recently inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame. Along with his commercial success, he also has a distinct concern for social issues and an understanding of the social contracts that need to be in place to succeed.

I was very interested to hear Lukas speak about how he approaches deals. It is clear that a pillar of their strategy is to swing for the fences.

We talk about a number of subjects from how Lukas approaches government relationships, building partnerships, succession planning within his businesses and we even get into his personal life. For someone of his caliber, who keeps a relatively private personal profile, I’m honored that he opened up to share his perspectives with us.

A key take away from this interview is that building big is weaved into the DNA of the Lundin Group and that their success is built on an eternal optimism. That said, we also talked about his biggest mistakes and what he has learned from them.

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