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Updated: May 28, 2023

Mark Bowden is an internationally acclaimed body language and communications expert. In this episode, he talks with us about how to be a powerful communicator using much more than your words.

Mark tells us about communication techniques that help you stand out, win trust, and build credibility. It is about influence and persuasion and delivering your message when the stakes are at their highest. When raising money or engaging investors, the importance of confident communication can’t be underestimated.

To give you some context, Mark has coached and spoken to audiences around the world including some major companies including Shopify, Dell, Viacom, RBC, Amex, Unilever, Daimler, Microsoft, Toyota, VW, Samsung, and the list goes on!

Mark makes the point that great communication is not a gift. It is something we all have… but you have either learned how to do it well or you haven’t. The great thing is that we can all learn and the outcomes of being a better communicator have a huge return on investment.

And before we start, be sure to check out the show notes as Mark has provided free access to his program on how to deliver a winning keynote. Click Here To Get Access

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