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Updated: May 28

Most companies struggle to engage long-term investors because they aren’t able to present a clear and compelling narrative. This insight comes from Matt Badiali, a financial analyst and writer. He joins us today to talk about how building stronger investor relations through storytelling can often lead to gaining more retail investors for your company.

After chatting about his background as an analyst, we ask Matt to share his top advice on captivating retail investors. His answers highlight the link between focusing on clarity, presenting your value proposition, and engaging investors. We then discuss the newsletter industry before diving into how having a strong base of retail investors can strengthen your company.

We wrap up our informative discussion by hearing Matt’s thoughts on creating company narratives that trigger an inventor’s “hand to wallet reflex.”

Join us and benefit from Matt’s insider perspectives on attracting more investors through clear communication.



  • Learn a bit more about Matt’s background and career in natural resource investing.

  • The role of solid storytelling when engaging with investors.

  • Hear Matt’s advice on creating captivating investor stories.

  • Why you should focus on presenting your clear value proposition to investors.

  • The importance of knowing the ‘why’ behind each investing newsletter.

  • Why new companies can benefit from having a base of retail shareholders.

  • Matt unpacks the downsides of having institutional investors holding your shares.

  • We ask Matt for his take on the Canadian junior market.

  • Insights on attracting investors through digital marketing.

  • How companies tend to agonize over newsletters and general communication.

  • Matt shares his final thoughts on being a better retail investor and creating clear messages for your investors.

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