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Updated: May 28, 2023

Today we are joined by Michelle Scarborough from BDC Venture Capital. We talk about her work as a VC and hear her thoughts for those who are thinking about getting funding from a venture capital firm.

Michelle is the Managing Director of the Strategic Investments Fund and the Women in Technology Fund at BDC. There she manages over $200 million dollars in capital. We hear from her about these funds, her objectives and mandates and BDC’s primary focus on returns and economic growth.

She also delves into the human side of venture investments and how these play out during pitching and ongoing relationships. Michelle has so much to offer in the way of advice and reflections on the space. She talks about the difficult conversations that often arise between funders and founders and how to avoid these as much as possible.

She has so much great insight and many of the thoughts she shares could be the thing that helps you land your next investor, so join us to hear it all.



  • Michelle’s career summary, her main focus and what she does at BDC.

  • Understanding the firm and the three different types of financing they do.

  • Common misconceptions for Michelle encounters at the fund and people approaching BDC.

  • The role of a lead investor and how entrepreneurs can support this endeavor.

  • The attention that should be given to scaling a company and growing a customer base.

  • Good and bad experiences that Michelle during bridging periods of business operations.

  • Appreciating the position of the VC; complicated discussions and how to solve problems.

  • Better communication practices and important touch-points for strong relationships.

  • An example of how board conflicts can lead a company awry and lessons in due-diligence.

  • The strengths of diversity, ESG initiatives, and current trends in the investment community.

  • Michelle’s advice to young women in the financial space around building a business.

  • Balancing confidence and honesty while looking for investments.

  • The big mistakes to avoid in pitching.

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