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Updated: May 28, 2023


Mike Winterfield is the founder and CEO of Active Impact Investments.

He is blazing an interesting trail in the world of finance with a focus on companies that have a defined social benefit and purpose.

Mike supports small to medium sized ventures that make the world more environmentally sustainable to scale their impact and profit by providing funding and extensive capacity building services to the portfolio companies.

Mike's previous experience includes a Top 40 under 40 award along with 20 years in the tech industry specializing in services companies and SaaS products. He worked for 14 years in various executive roles for award winning companies, most recently President of Traction Rec and COO at Traction on Demand. Mike's expertise is in enterprise sales, building high performing teams, improving operational efficiency and execution. He holds a Queen’s BSC, INSEAD exec MBA and received board training through the Beedie Directors Education Program (DEP).

Active Impact Investments is a Certified BCorp located in Vancouver, BC. Their mission is to support environmental sustainability through profitable investment. They provide funds and talent to accelerate the growth of early-stage climate tech companies with $200K to $3M in revenue. These early-stage companies must also have significant growth potential. Their portfolio includes a few of the most successful startups in North America that are capable of achieving venture scale and becoming extremely profitable while solving the most urgent environmental issues.

The thesis of his fund is to invest in companies that have a clear stated mission to tackle some of our most challenging social and environmental problems. The thing is, it is not a charity by any means. Along with a purpose that goes beyond just profit, his fund is looking to make outsized returns the same way a typical venture capital fund would.

Impact investing may be gaining a meaningful following. From high net-worth investors looking to have more meaning in their investments to companies using a greater purpose as a competitive advantage, Mike and his team are on to something really interesting.

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