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Updated: May 28, 2023

In today’s world, all public companies seem to be facing a similar problem. That problem is how public companies find and engage the roster of service providers needed to properly manage public investor relations programs.

Let us explain; when you have a public company you’re effectively operating two companies. One, your operating business and two, your public business. And just like your operating business, your public business needs to have a strategic plan for marketing and selling to investors, you need to plan different aspects that ultimately work together to manage your relations programs.

Joining us today is Neil Lock, the founder of a new company that is tapping into exactly that problem. Neil and his team are working towards creating an online destination that brings together all of these service providers to one spot, their new company, Connect2Investors. We think Neil and his team are tapping into something that will be of huge benefit to both public companies and the service providers in our public markets. So stay tuned for this episode as we hear more from Neil and the story behind Connect2Investors.



  • Neil shares about his career path and how he got involved in Connect2Investors.

  • Why the conference scene is important in Investor Relations (IR).

  • Tips on increasing investor attraction at conferences: Relaying your story.

  • Neil talks about Connect2Investors and what they offer as a company.

  • Add-on options within Connect2Investors for companies to make use of.

  • What types of above and beyond things great companies are exhibiting in IR.

  • The role of digital media plays in IR.

  • Why getting out there is important in meeting and dealing with investors.

  • Advice on how public companies should choose their service providers.

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