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Updated: May 26, 2023

Peter Perri at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Peter Perri shares his perspective on how the Inflation Reduction Act impacts the markets

Meet Peter Perri, an investment banker at Young America Capital who focuses on climate energy and infrastructure.

Young America provides M&A, capital raising, and financial advisory services to family businesses and middle-market companies.

Raising capital for any company is difficult. Financing capital-intensive early energy transition projects adds another level of complexity.

“I personally believe that humans must flourish in whatever energy transition we go to — it has to be not just as good as, but better than fossil fuels for us to move there aggressively.” — Peter Perri [0:10:11]

Peter unpacks how energy and infrastructure investors view investing in these types of projects and the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on delivery to markets.

Our conversation deviates to government incentives and how they can be beneficial in the energy transition sector.

Peter talks us through pitching and financing an energy transition deal. He also explains three things you need to master when preparing to pitch to markets.

“[When pitching to the market], have your story short and sweet, [and] be able to talk about how much money you need to raise and what you’re going to use it for.” — Peter Perri [0:26:08]

We chat about other interesting topics including influential media that has helped shape Peter’s career.

Interested in an investment banker’s perspective? This episode is for you. Tune in now!


  • Who invests in energy transition projects.

  • We talk about family offices and the emotional aspect involved.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act and delivering market returns.

  • We talk about government incentives (as it relates to energy transition).

  • Pitching and financing an energy transition deal: the hydrogen example.

  • The mechanics and framing of the pitch.

  • How to take the pitch to market.

  • Why there are opportunities for many wins; and not one unicorn.

  • Be succinct when you communicate, and know how much money you need to raise and what you are going to use it for.

  • The story behind why Peter has a picture of Nikola Tesla on the wall behind him (in his office).

  • Peter talks about his company, Energy. Media, and what they do there.

  • A piece of advice: you must have a team unless you don’t have a day job.

  • Peter shares professional setbacks that have had unexpected yields

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Please note that the information contained in this interview is not financial advice but for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor and make no warranties or representations concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in this interview. I recommend that any and all investment decisions be made with the advice of accredited investment advisors.


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