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Updated: May 28, 2023

The path to success takes many steps.

Today we sit with Peter Thomas to learn from his journey and hear about each of the steps that he took to build his illustrious career. Peter’s a lifelong entrepreneur, real estate investor, developer, and financier. We open our conversation with Peter by hearing his professional history. After hearing about how the sales aspect of his past role impacted his career ethos, Peter talks about how a combination of sheer luck and perfect timing have been among his most important ingredients to success. Though it hasn’t always been sunshine and roses for Peter, as he tells us how a company of his went from $150 million in the green, to $74 million in the red. Expanding on this defining experience, Peter explains the creative ways he emerged from this difficult situation. By surrounding himself with an exceptionally talented team. Peter was able to not only eliminate his debt, but created lucrative opportunities for the future. We learn how Peter vets his team and why it is important to empower them. Later in the show, we talk to Peter about the concept and practice of franchising, and why it is such a wonderful option for many business leaders.

To conclude the episode, Peter talks about the Todd Thomas Foundation which aims to spread awareness and educate CEOs and the greater public about the importance of mental health.

For more on the journey toward success, hop on this bus with us today!



  • Introducing today’s guest, lifelong entrepreneur, Peter Thomas.

  • Peter shares details about his professional history with all the ups and downs.

  • Hear Peter’s experience working for his first investment company.

  • Peter shares details on his formidable rise in business in Canada and the USA.

  • Why saying “yes” has been pivotal for Peter’s career.

  • Peter tells us about his failures and how they have made him.

  • How Peter worked his way out of his, “mess,” and moved his company out of its debt hole.

  • Peter talks about how he vets his team to make sure he is surrounded by the very best.

  • The three most important qualities Peter needs for the “passengers on his bus.”

  • Peter then explains what he looks for in partners.

  • Peter describes what a good real estate deal looks like as well as what could go wrong.

  • Discover the concept and practice of franchising.

  • How to be an aspiring, yet discerning franchisee.

  • How franchise companies are valued.

  • Peter touches on the Todd Thomas Foundation.

  • Hear Peter’s outlook on the future of the world.

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