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Updated: May 28, 2023

Phil Rickard at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Nature's Vault uses Blockchain Technology to make mining sustainable

Gold mining is problematic since most of the world’s gold is never used. The extracted gold is stored at a secure location for preservation as an investment.

What if, instead of storing your gold in some obscure vault, you could invest without ever having to extract it?

Today, you’ll hear Phil Rickard, Founder of Nature’s Vault. Nature’s Vault is an ethical mining company looking to disrupt the industry by prioritizing sustainability along with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

He discusses how he started the company, what they stand for. He also chats about how they are using blockchain technology to support their Legacy token and promote investment.

We're talking to the regulatory agencies around the world about an avoided mining protocol for carbon, which basically works by saying that we have a mine, we could mine it, we won't, we'll leave it in the ground, and we won't release that carbon into the atmosphere.Phil Rickard [0:18:22]

We unpack why an Avoided Mining Protocol is superior to carbon offsetting and what Nature’s Vault is doing to promote this protocol globally.

If you’d like to learn more about the merits of green gold, the Legacy Token, and much more, then make sure you tune in for this groundbreaking topic!

It's up to us to work hard to show people that this is a good alternative investment for gold. It’s something that they can trade. [It can] go up in value, go down in value. [They can] buy and hold as they would gold.Phil Rickard [0:31:47]


  • The economic and environmental implications of gold mining.

  • Why so much of the world’s gold is currently in storage.

  • An overview of Nature’s Vault and how it is addressing environmental issues and

  • disrupting the mining industry.

  • How rating agencies in the US are pressuring companies and investors to disclose the

  • negative carbon value of their portfolios if they contain physical gold.

  • A breakdown of the Avoided Mining Protocol for carbon and what Phil is doing to introduce it to regulatory agencies around the world.

  • How the Avoided Mining Protocol will be integrated with carbon credits.

  • The problem with carbon offsetting and why avoiding carbon release is superior.

  • The Legacy token and how Nature’s Vault is leveraging blockchain technology to sell gold.

  • Why Nature’s Vault is using the Ethereum network for smart contracts and their Legacy Token.

  • A breakdown of how the Legacy Token is being used in their Pistol Lake project.

  • The technologic innovations that allow Nature’s Vault to assure their investors with

  • absolute certainty that the gold they’re investing in does exist underground.

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