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Updated: May 28, 2023

In today’s episode, we continue our conversation with Steven Van Metre, inventor of Portfolio Shield and host of the Macro Show™. He is a financial planner, portfolio manager, and an increasingly recognized commentator on macroeconomics and the global financial system.

During the second part of our interview, Steven opens up about his personal struggles regarding his health. He explains how the medical establishment undermined his ability to receive a diagnosis for years. Steven shares how he received inspiration from a friend upon learning of his genetic condition and how he has learned to manage his energy and use his strengths to his advantage. He explains how it is possible to build a successful company in less than optimal circumstances.

“I don’t care how well you do when things are doing good. In fact, you should do really well. I want to know where’s your true character? Where’s your staying power when things go wrong?” — Steven Van Metre

We discuss the importance of recognizing and pursuing opportunities when they are presented. Which leads into how Steven was able to elevate his YouTube presence, thanks to an opportunity offered by an established figure. Steven also shares his views on Bitcoin and the paradigm he follows when it comes to macroeconomics.

We had a wonderful time having Steven on the show and hearing about Portfolio Shield. We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as we did!



  • We return for part 2 of our conversation with Steven Van Metre.

  • Steven shares the difficulties he encountered with an opaque medical establishment.

  • How a chance encounter with a YouTube fan, who happened to be a doctor, was able to intervene in his health struggles.

  • Steven shares how he received his diagnosis and what it meant for him to realize that he had always been chronically fatigued.

  • How Steven has had to manage his energy throughout his life.

  • Steven’s friend with cerebral palsy was able to give Steven a renewed perspective on being disabled.

  • How Steven had to learn how to adapt to his diagnosis by running his business efficiently.

  • Steven shares how the pandemic affected his YouTube channel.

  • Why it’s crucial to recognize opportunities and go after them.

  • How support from the YouTube community allowed Steven to elevate his channel.

  • Why Steven classifies Bitcoin as an asset class.

  • Steven points out that Bitcoin is yet to be tested by a recession.

  • The connection between religion and Bitcoin.

  • Steven’s paradigm for approaching macroeconomics.

  • Why Steven believes in taking the long view when it comes to macroeconomics and investing.

  • Why it’s often difficult for clients to align with the long view of a fund.

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