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Updated: May 28, 2023


Richard Wilson is the CEO of Family Office Club, and Centimillionaire Advisors. He speaks with us about the black box of family office money and how companies can tap into this enormous pool of investor wealth.

Richard runs an investor club with 2,750 registered ultra-wealthy investors, often referred to as family offices. With a 15-person team, host 20 live events a year, and have over 600 recorded investor mandates within our membership portal.

Family Office Club provides live family office training workshops and conferences for those raising capital and investors. They have also authored many practical and helpful guide books such as "The Single Family Office" "Capital Raising" "Pitch Decks" "How to Start a Family Office" "Centimillionaire Strategies," and more.

The team operates the #1 largest association in the ultra-wealthy investor space called the family office industry. Their Linkedin has over 140,000 registered members from 100+ countries. With over 2,750 registered family offices globally which individually manage over $1 Trillion of Assets Under Management.

We also discuss of all things, social media. One of the things that amazed me in this interview is how Richard has used informal, ‘real’ social media posts and blogs to attract multi-billion dollar clients to his business… That’s right… Richard shares with us how social media has been a cornerstone of his marketing program to attract and engage some of the wealthiest families in the world.

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