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Updated: May 28, 2023

Scott Melbye, CEO of Uranium Royalty Corp., shares with us today his over 37 years of experience and powerful insights into both the commodity side of uranium and the royalty and streaming deal side of things.

Green energy is at the forefront of many political agendas in countries across the globe. More than any other alternative form of energy, nuclear has the power to truly change the landscape.

“We’re in the midst of a transition right now from an inventory market to a production-driven market.” —Scott Melbye [0:19:40]

In this episode, Scott offers a look at Uranium Royalty Corp, its structure, and what its partnerships look like. We hear about how royalties and streaming work and why it makes for such an effective arrangement.

“A royalty and streaming company is unique in that we don’t own the mines. We don’t have a large workforce and the standby costs of keeping them offline and lease and landholding payments. What we have instead are interests in these mines and developments in uranium” — Scott Melbye [0:07:08]

Like with many energy sources, uranium is not immune to geopolitical tension and conflict, and Scott talks about some of the issues in this space and how to best manage investor relationships. Our conversation also touches on the spot market, how uranium is performing and why royalties are still considered alternative financing in the uranium sector.



  • Get to know today’s guest, Scott Melby, and what his career in uranium has been focused on.

  • What Uranium Royalty Corp does and how they differentiate themselves.

  • The unique structure of Uranium Royalty Corp.

  • How a royalty and streaming company works and why this is such an efficient structure.

  • Uranium Royalty Corp’s deals with their royalty companies.

  • The strategy behind the due diligence of potential royalties.

  • Variables the company works with when they do their modeling.

  • How uranium has been performing in the spot market.

  • There are very few things that have bipartisan support, but nuclear energy is one of them.

  • Debunking some of the misconceptions around nuclear energy.

  • The geopolitical tensions around uranium.

  • Reception to royalties and streaming in the uranium space and shifts that are happening.

  • The event that has had a significant impact on the uranium sector.

  • Where to find more about Uranium Royalty Corp.

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