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Why should you care about SEO for Investor Marketing?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Search Engine Optimization is the art of surfacing the most relevant information that someone is looking for. You can be top of mind for investors looking for investment ideas or to affirm a hunch.

I’m Maddie and I work as a Marketing Manager at Creative Return. I’m a young millennial navigating this world of finance and investor marketing. I hope my blogs can help others who are just getting started in their journey through the world of investor relations and digital investor marketing.

SEO is important - how important? Let’s examine.

When a retail investor gets an idea, their go-to is a Google search. This is likely going to be a general search or one with an exact company name.

With a general search a potential investor will type in something like, “Gold royalty companies” and the results on page one is likely where they are going to go. Your objective is to be on page one as close to the top as possible.

Note the paid ads and note the good work by Sandstorm Gold with their post “How a Gold Royalty Works.” That is a great example of SEO and investor content marketing at work.

In the case of an exact company name – coincidentally “Gold Royalty” Companies, SEO is still at play.

With good content that is rich in the keywords that investors are looking for, you can

‘organically’ rank higher and capture more investor interest. This can become an asset and a key part of an investor's communication strategy.

It is important to realize that you are in constant competition to capture their attention - and potentially their investment – as other opportunities are doing the same.

So, what should you keep in mind about your IR SEO?

SEO is a journey and not a destination

Your SEO strategy should always be a work in progress – especially when it comes to marketing to investors.

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to your SEO program but it can pay off.

Creating and posting SEO-optimized content, whether it be written, video or audio will increase your chances of being discovered.

Knowing that organic SEO is a lot of work, some companies are choosing to pay for ads to capture investor attention. When done well, paid ads can propel you closer to your goals. If you are interested in this, check out our partner company, Digital257 here.

The competition won’t stop

If you need the motivation to keep your SEO strategy going, consider this… other investment opportunities will keep going. In order for your strategy to be effective, it requires time and patience. You need to think long-term because you won’t see results right away.

Always strive to be tweaking and improving your process. Your competition will be doing the same!

There’s no way around the fact that SEO is a continuous project. It’s one of the keys to a successful investor marketing campaign. If you want your efforts to pay off, check in on your campaigns from time to time to find out what is working and which investor keywords are driving the best results. Some keyword examples for royalty companies could be – Gold royalty investments, Gold royalty companies, etc. To learn more about keywords read this article here.

Remember to follow best practices and keep up with the latest trends - your chances of ranking highly on search engine pages increase. Therefore, bringing in more website visitors, industry leaders, and potential customers.

Your future content will need to be optimized

If you choose to go the organic route with all your fresh content, you’ll need to ensure each post is optimized. Through keyword density, meta tags, and inbound links, your post will rank higher.

It’s not only keywords that reward your content with a high ranking. Factors such as originality, tone of voice, and readability play a role in where content ranks in the search results.

Search intent changes with the times

You aren’t going to be searching for pool floaties in the middle of January when the snow is falling and you don’t have a tropical vacation booked anytime soon, right? Well, your potential investors think the same way. These changes can have a sifting effect on your webpage’s ranking.

Depending on your business, you might want to consider seasonal changes and update your SEO strategy accordingly. It’s worth it to do some keyword research to discover if there are any related keywords gaining traffic that you might be missing out on.

Successful SEO campaigns complement existing marketing efforts

When SEO is used in tandem with other investor marketing campaigns, you get a combination of short-term and long-term results.

You can create quality content that will support your investor marketing strategy and attract online attention through SEO. This will result in more leads and eventually, it can convert investors into shareholders.

SEO is part of being discovered and building awareness of you as an investment opportunity. Once discovered, it is upon you to build trust with them through ongoing communication.

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