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Updated: May 28, 2023

It is very common for business owners to neglect taking the long view of their company for five, or even ten years down the line. Especially, since you become conditioned to think in quarterly and annual outcomes. This is not the case for today’s guest Steven Van Metre; a financial planner, portfolio manager, and an increasingly recognized commentator on macroeconomics and the global financial system.

His professional accomplishments are matched by his success on social media platforms, particularly YouTube where he has a following of over fifty thousand people. Steven has featured as a guest on esteemed channels like Real Vision and MACRO Voices multiple times to share his approaches to analyzing and capitalizing on market opportunities. In today’s episode, we share the first half of our interview where we discuss how Steven found success on Youtube; and what his thoughts are on the current macroeconomic climate. We talk about what Steven has learned from his detractors; why he tries to write positive comments to channels he enjoys; and how to take care of your mental health as a public figure on YouTube. Steven dives into macroeconomics offering up plenty of advice to business owners, particularly with regards to making your business recession-proof.

Join us today for a thought-provoking conversation and unmissable pro tips and insights!



  • Meet our guest Steven Van Metre.

  • Why lack of communication is one of the major reasons why financial service advisors get fired, more so than performance.

  • How Steven built on his communication with his audience, going from monthly to weekly email to videos answering client questions, to starting a youtube channel.

  • How Steven utilized feedback from fans and detractors to improve his video content.

  • Why you will always get negative comments on social media.

  • How to manage your interaction with negative comments on social media.

  • Bringing in an outside trusted perspective to read audience commentary.

  • Advice on how to protect your mental health when having a social media presence.

  • Steven shares his overviewing of the current macroeconomic climate.

  • How the current macroeconomic climate applies to private and public business owners.

  • Why businesses must be in tune with the macroeconomic climate.

  • The biggest mistakes business owners make once their company starts to do well.

  • How businesses survive a recession.

  • The importance of saving and cutting expenses during a period of financial boom

  • What Steven learned during his early years in the mortgage industry.

  • How the movement of assets increased the money supply in the US.

  • Why Steven believed the US won’t have sustained long-term inflation.

  • The differences between quantitative easing and modern monetary theory.

  • How interest rates are affected when the bond market has its debt increased.

  • Steven’s advice for businesses in the current climate.

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