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Updated: May 28, 2023

Wesley King has come to be known as the Biohacking Investment Banker. Besides being an advocate and supporter of technologies that aim to better humanity, he has a wealth of knowledge in investment banking and business building.

In this interview, we dive into three areas that are hugely interesting: financing companies, investor marketing and biohacking for a better life.

Wesley King has brought together these three areas into a banking career and now the launch of his own firm, Coherent Capital.

He and his partner have a great track record. Wesley’s focus and commitment is in a sector that he’s both active and passionate about; but also has an infinite lifespan in helping humans optimize and live stronger, healthier and more productive lives.

He shares with us his approach to marketing. Wesley’s belief is that marketing is not a way of selling to somebody that does not need your product, service or investment opportunity. Instead, it’s a way to match an individual with an offering that provides exactly what he or she was looking for.

In our discussion, Wesley also reveals some of the marketing tools he uses to introduce investment opportunities to his audience. It is no surprise that he uses well known platforms like ActiveCampaign for email marketing and LinkedIn to attract new leads. However, Wesley emphasizes the importance of being strategic in their use to amplify the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We then get into what he’s doing for biohacking and how we can all start easily incorporating it into our own lives.



  • Wesley introduces himself and explains his title, the Biohacking Investment Banker.

  • Wesley’s career path, from finance to marketing, and what he is working on currently.

  • How Wesley has used technical marketing to raise capital by targeting specific investors.

  • Some of the digital marketing tools that Wesley uses, like templated personalized messaging.

  • How Wesley sets his emails to investors apart by not including links to his company.

  • Putting the time into strategizing about which type of investors Wesley reaches out to.

  • Competing for credibility versus competing for time and opportunities to build relationships.

  • The tools Wesley uses to track emails, like Google Analytics or HubSpot.

  • Biohacking and how it’s playing into Wesley’s newest venture, Coherent Capital.

  • Why Wesley focuses on the future of more personalized and technologically-assisted healthcare when choosing which companies to work with.

  • How Wesley assesses emotional intelligence when choosing companies to work with.

  • Wesley talks a bit more about his journey with biohacking and where we can start.

  • The tools and apps that Wesley uses to track things like productivity and sleep patterns.

  • Some of the changes Wesley has applied in his life to increase productivity and feel healthier.

  • The importance of balancing your circadian rhythm for better sleep and figuring out what works for you nutritionally when starting your journey with biohacking.

  • How Welsey manages his work schedule for less stress and limits exposure to blue light.

  • Wesley’s final thoughts on the intersection of biohacking, finance, and marketing.

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