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Updated: May 28, 2023

Aaron Volpatti at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Aaron shares his experience as a professional hockey player in the NHL and the adversity he overcame.

Today, we speak with retired NHL player turned cognitive performance coach, Aaron Volpatti. He played for the Vancouver Canucks and Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League despite major physical challenges after a journey from the Vancouver General Hospital Burn Unit.

Aaron has an inspiring story that defies the odds that is full of determination and powerful visualization practice.

[Adversity is] a disguised gift. You don’t know it in the moment, but if you can have that mindset and reflect back, you’ll reflect back one day and be thankful for those times. Visualization especially can help you unwrap that gift.” Aaron Volpatti [0:25:51]

He has lived through many life-changing events and has used deep visualization as a tool to overcome extreme adversity. You’ll hear how powerful your thoughts can be and get a glimpse into what it’s like to play as a pro hockey player.

Now retired from the ice rink, Aaron works with other pro athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives to help them overcome their anxieties and self-doubt by using visualization techniques.

The grit in hockey has spilled over for me into my professional life and business. Sometimes, it’s just about putting your head down and doing shit other people don’t want to do to be successful.” Aaron Volpatti [0:33:23]

Aaron believes that to unlock true grit, the mindset needs to be fortified. His work and advice are applicable to athletes, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Join us today for some actionable insights from an expert in visualization and performance!


• An overview of Aaron’s journey and the campfire accident that changed his life.

• The story of how he discovered visualization while bedridden in a burn unit.

• Understanding why Aaron describes adversity as a ‘disguised gift’.

• What it means to Aaron to be a fighter, both on and off the ice.

• Lessons in trusting the process that he learned from the game of hockey.

• Why his later successes wouldn’t have been possible without visualization.

• Tips for confronting performance anxiety and uncertainty as a pro athlete.

• Insight into Aaron’s cognitive performance coaching program.

• How Aaron teaches you to become the director of the movie of your life.

• The role that habit and routine play in helping you unlock your true grit.

• Final observations on the immense power of your thoughts.

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