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Updated: May 28, 2023

Content marketing and capital raising in real estate are rarely discussed in detail. Ellie Perlman is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a real estate investment firm that specializes in multifamily investments. In this episode, Ellie shares how content marketing has helped her raise capital and grow her business.

Ellie provides her view on what investors should be doing during volatile times. She compares the COVID19 economic crisis with the recession of 2008 and provides perspective to find opportunities in the market.

“Experiencing what happened in 2008 really shaped my personality as an investor because I’m a very conservative person. I know what can happen if you are being too bold and a bit aggressive with your lender. I’ve seen how companies were destroyed, how projects were canceled and how a lot of people lost a lot of money.” — @PerlmanEllie [0:02:54]


Ellie opens up about the range of hats she worn during her 20-year journey in the industry. From the legal side, to how she learned the ropes of property management. She explains how obtaining her MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management helped her become an investor herself.

Tuning into this episode, you will hear how Ellie and her partners make money with real estate. They provide a platform for those who want to invest passively or become syndicators. She breaks it down to the type of properties and locations they focus on. We then move on to the importance of content marketing and capital raising in real estate. Finally, she lays out some guidelines for charging fair sponsor fees and how to package your offering.

We switch to discuss Ellie’s conservative approach. We cover why she believes it to be the best investment philosophy. How she communicates her approach with investors, and why she doesn’t mind being priced out of the market.



  • How Ellie’s experience of the 2008 recession shaped her approach as an investor.

  • Working as a property manager and obtaining her MBA before starting an investing career.

  • An overview of the type and location of the properties they buy and how they make money.

  • The number of units Ellie and her partners hold and how often they close a new deal.

  • How content marketing has helped Ellie to raise capital and grow her business.

  • Hear about Ellie’s conservative approach to financing deals and why she avoids bridge loans.

  • Why there is no need to convince investors that a conservative philosophy is best.

  • Ellie’s response to often being priced out of the market as a result of her approach.

  • Highlighting the strongest aspects of the offer and other strategies to gain investor buy-in.

  • Similarities between the 2008 downturn and the current economic situation with COVID-19.

  • The new opportunities presented by the crisis and thoughts on what interest rates will do.

  • Legal and entrepreneurial advice for getting decent financing done in the current situation.

  • Guidelines around charging reasonable fees as a sponsor and how to package your offering.

  • Considering your reputation and the long-term effects when structuring a deal.

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