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Updated: May 28, 2023

Darrin Hopkins and Grant MacEachern at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Darrin and Grant provide insight on their due diligence methods when advising clients.

Most of us would feel uneasy about lending money to someone we don't know. Yet when it comes to investing in companies, we rarely apply the same attitude. If you want to get to know a company and invest with confidence, then you need to be willing to do the work and go the extra mile.

For today’s guests Darrin Hopkins and Grant MacEachern, that has been the guiding principle. Both Darrin and Grant work as portfolio managers for Richardson Wealth. They head up their

own division, the Hopkins MacEachern Council.

We've done hours of due diligence, we've gone out to the site, we've met the CEO, met the CFO, we've asked experts around the industry. It really helps us develop a very high comfort level, when we're going to invest in a company.” — Darrin Hopkins [0:11:17]

Grant and Darrin have drawn on their combined years of investment experience to build a process for identifying and investing across various sectors.

We chat with Darrin and Grant, who share their methods for performing due diligence so you can invest with confidence and approach your investment decisions from a place of understanding.

It's surprising how easy it is to talk to a CFO of a 10, 15, or $30 billion company. They are willing to talk and spend time, especially when you have intelligent conversations with them.” — Grant MacEachern [0:12:17]

They also expand on The Capital Pool Company (CPC) Program, what they have learned from helping companies go public, and what they look for when identifying companies. Darrin and Grant cover a range of topics and offer special insight when making your investment decisions.

Make sure you tune in for an eye-opening conversation!


  • How Grant and Darrin have gained exposure to a variety of sectors over the years.

  • Learn about The Capital Pool Company (CPC) Program and why it’s been so successful.

  • How the CPC Program has expanded.

  • The hallmarks of a company that is ready to go public.

  • The thorough research that Grant and Darrin do on the companies they invest in.

  • The value of reaching out to experts in different industries.

  • Why consistency and realistic projections are key indicators for any company you’d like to invest in.

  • Grant and Darrin’s approach to real estate investment.

  • How demographics should inform your real estate investment decisions.

  • Grant and Darrin’s approach when their investment doesn’t do as well as expected.

  • The importance of patience and due diligence when things don’t go according to plan.

  • How Grant and Darrin determine when it’s time to take their profits and reinvest.

  • Grant and Darrin share their most memorable investments.

  • Some of the most memorable people Grant and Darrin have worked with.

  • A closer look at the mundane side of raising capital.

  • The common characteristics of entrepreneurs who are successfully raising capital.

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