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Updated: May 28, 2023


David Traylor is the founder and Senior Managing Director of Golden Eagle Partners focusing on the growing cannabis industry.

Golden Eagle Partners is a leading boutique investment bank serving North American and international public and private companies, venture firms, family offices, sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis (MJ and hemp) sector.

They are one of the few advisors servicing the cannabis sector that has expertise gained from the Life science industry. The team is uniquely qualified by having operational experience in both sectors. The team is full of specialists in the cannabis, hemp, and life sciences sectors. They have served the sectors over the last fourteen years.

David shares some funny stories about the Wild West of cannabis in the US. We also speak about the changing regulations and about the indicators of how states are changing their perspectives. Given his position, he has a front row seat to the rapid changes that are happening. You’ll hear about how deal terms are changing, interest rates are coming down and issuers are gaining greater leverage.

He has advised private and public biotechnology and medical device companies in various transactions including IPOs, public offerings, private offerings, mergers and acquisitions. These ventures total over $500 million in value.

Before investment banking, David spent fifteen years in diverse operational roles in biotechnology companies ranging from research and development to business development, manufacturing, program management and senior management.

David has been in the trenches of building companies and he also has a deep understanding of both the finance process, the industry and the operations of the issuers he serves.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the episode.

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