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Updated: Jun 5

David Whyte is the Founder and CEO of Irwin.

Irwin is a leading investor relations platform designed with automation and reduced time-to-insight. Irwin has a goal to unlock and enhance investor and shareholder relationships for various business cases.

“Whatever your goals are, and of course, it's important to have goals, it's extremely rare that they are ever achieved in a linear fashion.” — David Whyte [0:15:52]

The platform services thousands of clients. We get the inside scoop on the philosophy that underpins what they provide and how they are managing their growth.

David discusses his excitement about the increased emphasis on the field of IR. He also chats about how he and the company go about creating and maintaining relationships.

“There has to be a well-documented and thought-out strategy that aligns with your maturity as a company, as well as your opportunity set.” — David Whyte [0:26:02]

We dive into David's idea of showing investors good deals, how to build trust and gain investment, and the ways in which Irwin enables their clients.

This episode is full of valuable information about raising capital and accelerating growth. Be sure to join us and don't forget to take notes!


  • A look back at David's career in finance and some important moments on his journey.

  • The motivations behind founding the Irwin platform.

  • David unpacks his moment of realization about how he could improve what was on offer.

  • A few thoughts on how to achieve business goals

  • Reassessing the challenges and importance of investor relations in the industry.

  • The two most important inputs for the cost of capital.

  • How David approaches early client conversations and strategy deployment.

  • The steady and patient process of bringing in and securing investors.

  • The common premium that investors place on the right kind of relationships.

  • Observations on the progress in the IR space and best investor relations practices.

  • Explaining some of the important differences between retail and institutional investors.

  • Looking at the amazing growth that David and Irwin have been able to achieve.

  • Lessons from recent relationships; timing, priorities, and more.

  • The factors that enabled David and his team to provide the best user experience possible.

  • David's closing thoughts and his excitement about the future of the IR space.


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