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Updated: May 28, 2023

Eric Daimler at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Eric Daimler shares his extensive knowledge of AI and its most common misconceptions

Eric Daimler is a six-time entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Conexus. The company helps organizations exchange data, even under the most complex of circumstances.

Eric brings extensive knowledge of AI to the show. He served as a former Presidential Innovation Fellow for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics under the Obama administration. Now, as the head of a company that specializes in AI deployment and data usage.

“The nature of digital experiences is that they can sneak up on you — It feels like it's moving fast but really, the characteristic is that it's abrupt. Digital technologies don't work, they don't work. And then they work. And they work infinitely well as soon as they work.” — Eric Daimler [0:03:26]

In our conversation, Eric takes us through the world of AI, from its development over the past 30 years to the dramatic leaps forward.

We discuss Conexus and how they are helping organizations harness overwhelming amounts of data.

Eric explains why unassuming and unsexy business ventures that offer the most opportunity for growth and profit.

“Think about deploying AI. Think about what [you] want to automate in [your] process. And then you can look out for vendors that address those things that [you] want to automate in [your] business.” — Eric Daimler [0:40:25]

We delve into the technical aspects of ChatGPT, the innovations that made this natural language processing tool possible. We also examine the fears that many have around AI and the impact these tools will have on society.

Eric’s enthusiasm and his gift for simplifying these complex topics make for an informative episode. You won't need a tin foil hat for this fascinating dive into the world of AI!


  • The years that Eric spent developing military AI for the Obama administration.

  • How AI has developed over the past 30 years.

  • Understanding the technical steps OpenAI took to develop ChatGPT.

  • Why ChatGPT is described as a sophisticated autocomplete.

  • Eric’s company, Conexus, its MIT origin story, and how he founded it.

  • How companies are currently over-collecting data and under-utilizing it.

  • Why databases are not communicating with one another and how Conexus solves this problem.

  • The value of more people participating in the deployment and development of AI.

  • Exploring the danger of people misinterpreting AI conversations.

  • Why the output of an AI natural language processing tool won’t always be true.

  • Implementing AI solutions for large companies.

  • How smaller companies can approach AI adoption.

  • Eric’s work as a speaker and his hope of bringing more people into the AI conversation.

  • How different countries and cultures approach AI and robotics.

  • The importance of diversity in tech

  • Making AI inclusive and unbiased.

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