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Zahir Rajani at The Insider's Guide to Finance
Zahir Rajani shares his journey from Real Estate Executive to a Bespoke Clothing CEO, and the bold decisions that led him to success.

You can’t achieve entrepreneurial success without the courage to make bold decisions and the resilience to embrace the unknown. In this latest episode, Cory sits down with Zahir Rajani, the CEO and Co-Founder of Rajani Bespoke

“If you don’t have that feeling, you’re probably not going to do well” — Zahir Rajani [0:06:38]

With a track record of managing operations that generated over $200,000,000 in annual revenue, Zahir is renowned for his contract negotiation and systems implementation. However in 2023, Zahir made the unexpected decision to leave his life as a high performing real estate executive, to start a bespoke clothing brand. The success of which speaks to his exceptional leadership and business acumen. 

“I think a key, successful, entrepreneurial trait — is having the stomach to make a risky decision and being able to digest that and know that there is no guarantee.” — Zahir Rajani [0:15:06]

Tune in to discover how Zahir navigated his high-stakes shift from real estate to fashion, his approach to risk taking and strategies for tough negotiations. We delve into what ignited his passion for high fashion, explore the nuances of bespoke tailoring and touch on the potential implications of AI in the industry. 

“If you’re going to purchase something, it’s an investment. And that investment, like any good investment, should last you. And you should ideally be able to pay it forward, somehow. What we make [at Rajani Bespoke] should last you, it’s an investment.” — Zahir Rajani [0:41:58]

Don’t miss our captivating discussion on leadership and how to look good doing it. 


  • We are introduced to today’s guest; CEO and Co-Founder, Zahir Rajani.

  • He unpacks the transition process from high-level real estate executive to Rajani Bespoke.

  • Zahir talks about the real estate industry, his work as a high-level executive, and the Onni Group.

  • He delves into the time frames for projects real estate groups work in.

  • Entrepreneurial characteristics that stood out to Zahir while working amongst other executives. 

  • His thought process behind making risky decisions.

  • Zahir takes us through his approach and methodology for tough negotiations. 

  • How he prepared for multi-million dollar contracts and negotiations.  

  • The biggest lesson learned from his experiences negotiating. 

  • He recounts his first negotiation (which happened to be when he was 13). 

  • What they do at Rajani Bespoke and what brought on the initial butterflies for Zahir. 

  • The anatomy of the suit: he details what goes into making a highly detailed suit and explains industry terminology.

  • Zahir’s biggest shock coming back into the high fashion space.

  • His thoughts on technology or AI and its possible future implications on their business.

  • Characteristics of ultra-high-net-worth individuals that come in as clients. 

  • The history of the suit. 

  • Thoughts on fast fashion.

  • How Zahir stays informed and what he likes to listen to.


Please note that the information contained in this interview is not financial advice but for entertainment purposes. I am not a financial advisor and make no warranties or representations concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in this interview. I recommend that any and all investment decisions be made with the advice of accredited investment advisors.


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