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Updated: May 28, 2023

David Garofalo at The Insider's Guide to Finance
David Garofalo shares his experience in developing billion-dollar sustainable mining businesses.

David Garofalo is the CEO and Chairman of Gold Royalty Corp. The company offers financing solutions to the metals and mining industry. Their mission is to invest in high-quality, responsible, and sustainable mining operations

David has over 30 years of experience in the development of billion-dollar sustainable mining businesses. He is one of the titans of the precious metals industry. During the episode, he shares what his journey from junior accountant to CEO of major mining operations looked like.

“Being big enough to matter but still small enough to grow is the dream we are trying to sell by capturing the missing middle.” — David Garofalo [0:19:16]

David has a proven track record of creating shareholder value through the delivery of long-term strategy. He maintains high standards of environmental, safety performance, and community relationships. He is a motivator and mentor to high-performing teams.

In the episode, David also shares the factors that guided his decision to enter the royalty space. He dives into how the royalty financing business model works and his approach to M&A.

“The [gold] industry has done a horrible job of replacing reserves and it’s getting to crisis mode right now. So, out of necessity, I think there is going to be a big rotation of capital into exploration.” — David Garofalo [0:45:41]

We'll hear his thoughts on the future of the gold industry and the experiences that he's had over 30 years, including leading the largest merger in gold mining history.

This is an episode filled with information to set you on the path to success!


  • An overview of David's journey to Chairman and CEO of Gold Royalty Corp.

  • How the royalty business model works.

  • What motivated David to found his royalty business.

  • David’s approach to M&A.

  • The art of “selling the trade.”

  • The missing middle in the royalty space

  • Some of the most pivotal moments and influential people that have defined David’s career.

  • Current issues in the gold industry and David’s thoughts on what the future looks like.

  • The methods by which Gold Royalty Corp generates royalties.

  • David’s preferred portfolio structure.

  • How David stays up to date on information relevant to the metals industry.

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