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Updated: Jun 5

Do you want to know why a high percentage of mergers and acquisition deals fail? Kison Patel is the CEO of M&A Science. In this episode, we discuss all things mergers and acquisitions and how to manage investor relationships. Kison emphasizes that closing of a deal needs to be more centered around the people aspect than it ever has been before.

“It really comes down to the people. Are you getting the talent that performs well with the cultural components, and how well do they work with you and your style of working?” — Kison Patel [0:32:50]

Kison explains the issues he sees most frequently in transactions, deals that stick out to him, the most rewarding aspects of his job, and how he selects his employees.

We delve deep into the importance of narrative for investor relations and in closing a transaction and how Kison builds one. Next, Kison tells us all about his podcasting journey, how it has amplified his business growth, and why he encourages everyone to do it at some point in their lives.

Finally, Kison shares the importance of taking negative feedback on board in order to improve.


  • An overview of Kison’s professional background.

  • Where Kison works in mergers and acquisitions and how they’ve integrated.

  • How receptive management teams are to adapt to new methods in mergers and acquisitions.

  • The issues Kison sees most frequently in transactions.

  • The merger and acquisition transactions that stick out to Kison.

  • Some of the most rewarding aspects of mergers and acquisitions for Kison.

  • The excitement of working with founder-led businesses.

  • How Kison builds a narrative for a transaction.

  • Why a story narrative is so important.

  • How Kison selects employees.

  • How M&A is able to measure success when it comes to code writing.

  • Why every business has their pros and cons.

  • How Kison got into podcasting and how it amplified their business growth.

  • How the media landscape is maturing.

  • The new book Kison’s company is publishing.

  • Why making phone calls is tough.

  • The importance of taking negative feedback and challenging yourself to get better.


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