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Updated: May 28, 2023


From mining to gaming to real estate and now to going deep with social impact investing; Praveen talks with us about his approach to investing in winning opportunities. He works with entrepreneurs to help them grow their companies to become listed in the public markets. He calls his strategy "the one-trade model".

He and his partners – his father and brother – have earned an outstanding reputation and are now focusing their strengths on bettering the world through building companies that deliver on a greater cause. Over the years they have taken over 30 companies public. The first company they ever worked on was a diamond mine in Canada! The are public venture capital experts and use the Canadian & US public capital markets to fundraise as well as list companies in the aforementioned sectors.

Our conversation takes us into what he looks for in investment opportunities, how to use public venture capital and to his thoughts on capital structures and the powers of “aligned capital”. We also get into the deals he’s excited about now and how he and his partners structure and finance real estate opportunities.

A few of the key takeaways from the episode include:

  • A good management team backed by IR and PR when delivering really strong financial results is where the magic happens - becoming a Bay Street Darling

  • You need to have an interested audience of investors to listen to your story and act on your news in order to become a Bay Street Darling.

  • Digital investor marketing is changing how both retail and institutional investors are finding and buying into early-stage opportunities

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